So. . . what’s the big difference with Hilla Villas?

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“Our villas are handpicked, premium quality and combined with the best local experience Lapland has to offer. We leave the package cliches to the other guys”

— Jussi Vatanen, Actor and Founding partner, HillaVillas.

We’ve all had holidays before, and some of us have even booked villa rentals in Lapland, so what makes Hilla Villas any different?

Here’s the story: Eight friends, all living in Finland and all part owners of villas in Lapland, realised there was a gap between the region’s amazing services, exceptional villas and breathtaking local experiences and a wider market of International and domestic travellers hungry for the complete experience vacation.

From eco-friendly rural retreats to picture-perfect urban stays to night skiing under the Northern lights, we wanted to let a wider community of experience travellers in on Lapland’s too well kept secrets.

So, we created Hilla Villas. The first digital service designed specifically to match travellers with a carefully selected collection of properties and experiences locally produced in Lapland.

After reaching out to our network of villa owners and service providers, partnering up with experts in fields like business development and service provision and drawing on our insider knowledge and love of Lapland, we’ve designed a full service that delivers bespoke holiday experiences, while supporting the livelihood of local entrepreneurs and elevating Lapland’s profile as a travel destination. This is what Hilla Villas is about. Come find us—and stay amazing.

Our mission is to utilise digital opportunities to connect individual travellers with high-quality accommodation and unforgettable experiences in Lapland, in a brand new way.

We promise:

The quality of our villas defines us. We handpick villas based on our meticulous selection criteria.  
Premium can’t come at the cost of sustainability. We look for villas powered by renewable energy, furnished and built with materials sourced from local or eco-friendly suppliers.
Local Lapland experiences from reindeer rides and watching the Northern Lights to soothing trekking trips. True journeys, that’s what we offer.
We live local to Lapland—a world away from impersonal travel algorithms. We care about people and place, and we treat our guests and owners as we’d like to be treated ourselves.  
Nothing but the best quality villas. It’s that simple. What you see is what you get: premium accommodation and honest pricing. No filter needed. 

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