Fabulous fells of Lapland

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Feel the magic of Lapland in Finland's most popular ski resort Levi! The picturesque fell village is the perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation to all travelers who value high-class services and Lapland's unique landscape. Ski for the day on the famous slopes and enjoy a quality dinner full of local delicacies topped with superb service. Spend the rest of the evening enjoying Finland's top artists in the beat of the village.
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The exquisite Ylläs equals to unforgettable experiences and wonderful landscapes all year round. Come and admire the seven breathtaking fells of Ylläs - Kukas, Lainio, Kesänki, Pyhä, Ylläs, Aakenus and Kuer - each hiding their own secrets with wonderful hiking trails and charming wilderness cafes. During the unique autumn foliage, the landscape is filled with the wonderful colors of the season.
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Welcome to Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa Claus! Rovaniemi is also the capital of Lapland, located in Northern Finland near the Arctic Circle. Renowned as the hometown of Santa Claus, the area attracts numerous visitors from around the world each year into its unique Christmas atmosphere. During the winter season of 2023-2024, Rovaniemi has direct flight connections to over 20 European cities. In addition, numerous flight and train connections through the Finnish capital Helsinki make it possible to enjoy a northern holiday throughout the year.
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Pyhätunturi in Pelkosenniemi invites you to the breathtaking landscapes of Lapland! Located in the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, the fell offers a wonderful combination of outdoor activities in a laid-back atmosphere in all seasons. Quality experiences and local services guarantee a pleasant stay in the area. The peak of Pyhätunturi climbs up to over 500 meters, offering wonderful views to visitors all year round.
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Ruka, one of Finland's most popular ski resorts, is located in Koillismaa in northern Finland. This stunning destination has mesmerizing views and is full of diverse outdoor activities, being an energetic getaway year-round. Ruka is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Numerous slopes and a well-maintained network of cross-country ski trails beckon both skiers and snowboarders. Live music from Finland's top artists add to the cozy winter vibe in Ruka.
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Welcome to the world of snowy adventures and one-of-a-kind landscapes in Saariselkä! Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the pristine wilderness of northern Lapland, where unspoiled nature and diverse activities come together to create the perfect setting for unique experiences. The majestic fells provide wonderful views for skiers, hikers, and photography enthusiasts alike. During sunset, the slopes glow in shades of orange, creating a magical atmosphere.
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Inari invites you to explore the beauty of Lapland! Inari is one of the most enchanting places in Finnish Lapland, hiding breathtaking nature and a rich cultural heritage. Deep in the Lapland wilderness, the mystical Inari offers authentic Lappish life throughout the year. Dominating the Inari region is the magnificent Lake Inarijärvi, the third largest lake in Finland.
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Welcome to Kilpisjärvi in Northern Lapland! Kilpisjärvi is situated in the arm of Finland, surrounded by magnificent fells. This small and enchanting mountain village offers an unforgettable chance to experience Lapland's scenic nature and the adventures it offers in the northernmost part of Finland. Kilpisjärvi is also perfect for exploring Lappish culture and traditions. Local services offer delicious local dishes, such as sautéed reindeer and fish soup, which are definitely worth trying.
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Located near the Western border, Muonio boasts 200 lakes and 20 fells, creating a breathtakingly beautiful Lapland landscape. One of Finland's highest points, Taivaskero (809 m), is located in Muonio, offering stunning views of the Northern Lights, starry skies, or sunsets from its summit. At the top of the fell stands a memorial stone erected in honor of the 1952 Olympic Games held in Helsinki.
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